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I always thought you couldn’t wear contact lenses while you sleep. Are Contex OK® lenses safe to sleep in?
OK lenses are made of a material that allows oxygen to reach the eye, even while you sleep. That’s why OK lenses are approved for overnight wear. Plus, Contex OK lenses were developed by the company that invented the first lens of this type back in 1985.

Are Contex, OK® lenses comfortable?
Yes. In many cases you’ll barely feel them working. And because you only wear them while you sleep, you minimize discomfort associated with daytime contact lens wear. No more dryness and such at the end of the day.

When I take my OK® lenses off in the morning, will I be able to see better all day?
The treatment results are different for everyone. But if you wear your OK® lenses as prescribed, you should get a full day of improved vision.

Can I see while I wear my OK® lenses?
Yes. OK lenses work like normal contact lenses, but as you sleep they’ll gently shape your eye so you can enjoy good vision with or without your lenses.

Can I wear them during the day?
OK® lenses can be worn during the day, but you should follow the schedule recommended by your Contex OK® Lens specialist.

Are OK® lenses hard to care for?
OK Lenses are easier to care for than most soft contact lenses. Simply clean and disinfect them daily, then store them in their case. Because you wear them while you sleep, there is no maintenance during the day and you don’t have to carry lens cases or solutions with you.

What should I use to take care of my OK® lenses?
For optimal results, use Boston Simplus™ Multi-Action Solution, from Bausch & Lomb, a one-bottle lens care system that includes a daily protein remover.

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