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Who can wear multifocal-19 lenses?
If you are used to wearing contact lenses or if you have worn bifocal or progressive eyeglass lenses successfully, then you are a good candidate. Most people with presbyopia can wear MF-19 lenses successfully.

Am I too old or too young to wear them?
Usually, presbyopia begins at around age 40. If you are presbyopic, you are a potential candidate for MF-19 lenses, no matter what your age.

I need reading glasses, but I can see far away with no problems. Am I still a candidate?
Yes, you can get Multifocal-19 contact lenses that have a neutral distance power. Most people find this more convenient and attractive than wearing granny style reading glasses.

Is it hard to get used to Multifocal-19 contact lenses?
No. If you have worn bifocal or progressive eyeglasses, you will already understand the basics of using Multifocal-19 lenses, in which the distance is straight ahead and the reading is down low. With this design, your eyes will learn to focus near or far as needed. Whatever your concern, your eyecare practitioner will address it.

Will I see as good as I do with my glasses?

Yes. MF-19 lenses provide crisp, clear vision like glasses. And, when compared with soft contact lenses, the optical quality of the MF-19 is far superior because of the more rigid material that does not flex on the eye. Lens flexure can cause distorted or variable vision.

Are MF-19 contact lenses expensive?
The price varies from doctor to doctor, but in general they are less expensive than glasses with progressive lenses. MF-19 lenses are a good value because they last longer than most soft bifocal contacts.

How often will I need to replace them?

When cared for properly, MF-19 lenses can last three to four years. However, it is recommended that your eyecare practitioner evaluate the condition of the lenses annually to see if they should be replaced. With MF-19 lenses, you may only need new ones when your presbyopia progresses. If this happens you will probably need a stronger near vision prescription.

Do they require any special care?
MF-19 lenses require no more care than regular GP contacts, and they are easy to insert and remove from the eye. Most people go all day without thinking about their contacts. However, bifocal or progressive eyeglass wearers feel the weight of their glasses on their nose and must remove them for periodic cleaning. Granny style reading glasses are also often removed and replaced several times a day, and they can be scratched, lost or broken.

What if I have astigmatism?

MF-19 lenses can be prescribed for people with astigmatism. Your eyecare specialist will determine what must be done to the lenses to correct your type of astigmatism.

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